The Escapist

You know what’s an escapist ??
It has not only been a freedom from confinement but a new way for someone to live life. I was one of them.  People say it is a negative attitude but I made it the only reason to enjoy my life. Few things didn’t changed from junior to high school. As far as I remember my behavior in junior school was very shy and quiet. I didn’t liked to talk much. But at the same time disturbed by the thought of being different. I know how it hurts to be alone but just as I said that I was an escapist… whenever I was alone sitting at the corner of classroom I used to distract my mind from the surroundings and used to go in my own world of imagination. The world full of  daydreams. There were many thoughts which distracted my mind and gave happiness from within. Many of my classmates approched to me while passing by. Some doubted my presence and some mocked my abnormality. Their questions ‘ How can you sit alone all day and still be happy? ‘ crowded around me like anything. It irritated me. I never asked them why do they behave like animals. Let me be who I am. But one regret I always had. I knew that as I’ll grow older these memories will swipe away one day and I couldn’t afford to forget it. Since they were my only reasons worth living for. So I found an alternative to preserve my thoughts. I wrote  it down in a book which I called…….’ THE ESCAPIST ‘.


2 thoughts on “The Escapist

  1. Escaping from reality helps you find yourself and become imaginative in your expression. Escapism also provides us with a safe space away from reality! Beautifully written 👏

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