Hello, Goodbye

You say hello after every bye,
But how will I ever hear anything from you after your final goodbye?

Just like a bright day comes after every scary night,
Your talks give me so much delight.

My dreams are turning into imaginations,
But when will you fully wrap your arms around me till satisfaction?

If you ever tell me about your dislikes.
I promise you will never be in a need to tell me about your likes.

You come in my life once in a while like an eclipse,
But I want you to be there with me till the apocalypse.

The reason I don’t wanna shut these eyes just to see each time you smile,
I desperately ask God, why you made my heart so fragile?

More than half of the guilts I have kept,
When the love letters I have ever written were while I wept.

How will I tell you all this with so much glory?
When all you will be just an apology!

I cannot tell you everything with this monotone
Because then you will leave me and forever gone.

All these thoughts inside me runs like a fear,
So I wish these things you never hear.

Atleast you say hello after bye,
But how will I ever hear anything from you after your final goodbye!


2 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye

  1. My God ! I love it…so well written and expressed…hell it makes the one reading it actually feel exactly what the line says and makes him wonder about the actual someone who is The One mentioned in the poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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