The Sun-My Soulmate

It’s been engrossing that for a long time the simple elements of this universe, the sun, the moon, the sky, the clouds, the stars and so forth had played a great role in depicting lives. Everyone belong to these elements in some way or the other because we have been always tied to this universe ever since we have sown the seeds of mankind. My youth passed away wondering which elements I was. It was not long enough when I realized that I’m the sky in the shades of pink and blues, sometimes warm and sometimes cool. High above the ground with all my dreams like heaven. But sometimes I feel little empty. Even though the haze always surrounds me but now I’m too tired of these clouds, these liars which comes and go away with the envious wind. Everyday they change into new forms and different shapes. I’ve seen their various faces at various point of times that I’ve believed it’s all a hoax going around. These are just temporary companions. I need someone too fixed in my life now like the sun which cannot be moved an inch however strong the wind is. The beauty of rain and monsoon might look remarkable but a sunny and bright day can never go out of bliss. It always gives joy over gloom. It’s beautiful that how even moon is alive because of sun. It’s the moon which looks forward to sun each and every night. Even a colourful rainbow breathes with the sunlight falling the raindrops. The ones admiring the monsoon had perhaps never seen the beauty of sunshine. Period


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